Derek Munson

Derek Munson

Derek Munson works as a writer, speaker and all-around daydreamer.  Like the dad in his new book, Bad Dad, which releases in October, Munson’s current hobbies include playing with his kids, avoiding his household responsibilities and crashing on his mountain bike.  He lives in Bellingham, Washington, with his wife Suzanne, their daughter Abby and son Zack.  Munson’s first book, Enemy Pie, as featured on Reading Rainbow, teaches children how to handle relationships and conflict. Derek has presented at hundreds of schools and offers multi-school discounts. Contact us today to see when he will be in your area!


"You will be hard pressed to find a more engaged and contagious author. From the moment he arrived the fun began! Thank you Derek for bringing the joy of reading, writing, and the possibility of WILD IDEAS to our school and to our students."
- Mary Stephens, Naches

"Derek's visit to our school was extremely positive! The presentations exceeded my expectations. The lunch with the author was a very special experience for the selected students. Derek made connections with the students through visiting with them, learning about their interests and viewing some of their artwork and writing projects. He made each of those children feel important! Derek was very easy to work with! Thank you!!"
-Brenda Giesen, Pendelton

"This was wonderful. Derek connected with the students and was able to excite and inspire them. Great management skills...I appreciate his ablitily to read the audience and adjust."
- Deana Mosby