Corinne Isaak

Corinne IsaakBorn and raised in Seattle, Washington, Corinne Isaak graduated from Shorewood High School and headed to Washington State University where she earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree with an emphasis in English and Business and a Secondary Teaching Degree. One week after graduation she married Brian Isaak, a third-generation farmer in Coulee City and they started their life on the farm. The following winter she started her teaching career at ACH High School in Hartline, WA. During the last 16 years, Isaak has created her little "characters" Madeline, Monique, Maguire, and Marianna. These country children have been the inspiration for Moki Time and seem to keep the story alive and vibrant! As a teacher, mom and marketer, Isaak keeps her plate full and loves traveling to schools and inspiring students and promoting literacy. For 6 years the MokiTime creators have been traveling throughout the country telling their homespun tale. Collectively, they have been able to accompish writing, illustrating and publishing 3 children's books plus produce 3 musical CDs. What started as a stay-at-home mom's labor of love soon became a book/CD marketed in Nordstrom stores nationally. The creators have a unique story and when they travel to schools they share their "Scratch Paper To Publishing" journey, so students can go behind the scenes and see how authors and illustrators come to be.


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