Diane Hipp

Diane Hipp

Diane Hipp C.P.S., is a Certified Prevention Professional and a certified School Counselor with over thirty years of experience in the field of prevention.  Her arenas of work have included elementary and secondary prevention education, parenting education, prevention curriculum development and community substance abuse prevention program management.

Diane is the co-author and program developer of “Kelso’s Choice” a conflict management curriculum for elementary children. The curriculum is being implemented throughout the United States and in 13 foreign countries. The “Kelso’s Choice” DVD has recently received a 2012 Communicator Award a 2012 Telly and a 2012 Omni Award. In September 2012 her latest curriculum will be released “Building Character With Kelso”. This elementary curriculum will focus on interactive creative ways to build good character traits such as; responsibility, honesty, respect, fairness and caring. Diane is the lead trainer for “Kelso’s Choice” and travels throughout the United States working with school staff, students and parents on the keys of successful implementation.

Diane is an award winning children’s author. She has done countless author visits throughout her home state of Montana and in Oregon, Washington, Idaho and Canada. She will be a featured author at the Montana Festival of the Book in Missoula Montana October 2012. Her book Stuart the Donkey…A Tale of His Tail was named 2010 Children’s Fiction book by USA Books and International Children’s Fiction book for 2011. Her second book Hermis and Howard; A Bully Finds His Heart was released by Stoneydale Press in January 2012. Diane states that bullying is a problem that reaches into our cultures, communities, schools, peer groups and families; the extent of which will vary across different communities and schools.  This second in a series of self-help books for children takes a fresh look at how bullying can be dealt with. The book was inspired by bullying events that are occurring throughout schools and communities across the country.  What makes this book unique is the approach to the topic of bully prevention. The book supports what we know through bullying research on how to intervene when bullying occurs, through the use of an imaginative and intriguing story. 

Diane dedicates her life to identifying and building the potential in others. She can be found in schools across the country helping to foster a positive school climate. When she is not traveling she can be found at her home that is nestled between the Bitterroot River and Bitterroot Mountains in Montana  where she immerses herself in the world of nature where wildlife abounds.  Diane spends hours hiking, observing, photographing and taking note of the many lessons nature has to offer. Her stories capture the essence of the moment in hopes that the reader gains an appreciation of the natural world and how it relates to life’s lessons for young and old. 

Diane has provided extensive training and technical assistance to schools and community coalitions in strategic planning, implementation and evaluation of evidence-based substance abuse prevention. As a senior trainer for Developmental Research and Programs and for the Channing L. Bete Company, Diane developed substance abuse prevention curricula for workforce development, parenting for prevention, and community substance abuse prevention. She is a certified trainer for “Communities That Care,” “Parents Who Care,” “Guiding Good Choices,” “Here’s Looking at You, 2000,” and “Life Skills Training.” She is a Substance Abuse Prevention Specialist Training, trainer, mentor and facilitator.

Diane has worked in urban, rural, Alaska Native, frontier and reservation communities in 48 states. Translating research into practice, she has guided diverse communities in capacity building, community mobilizing, strategic planning and evaluation of prevention initiatives. From 2002-2007 she served as Prevention Coordinator for the Center for Substance Abuse Prevention’s Western Center for the Application of Prevention Technologies in the College of Health and Human Sciences at the University of Nevada, Reno. She provided TA and Training services to the state of Montana and school districts in the western region implementing a Grant to Reduce Alcohol Abuse (GRAA) through the U.S. Department of Education. Most recently she was the lead Training and Technical Assistance Coordinator for the MOST of Us Positive Community Norms initiative out of the Montana State University in Bozeman Montana.


“We want to thank you so much for coming to our class. We really, really, very much loved your book and thought Stewart and Freckles were so cute. Thank you. We love our picture too. You made our day. We are going to put it on our website. Please come back to our room again.
We also learned about Kelso yesterday from Ms. Myers. We are going to practice choosing a strategy when we can work it out ourselves. We already " talk it out" at our Peace Table. We liked that. Thanks again! Come back soon!."
- Mrs. Jones 2nd Grade Glass

“Thank you so much Diane! You are such a vibrant person! Its no wonder you've spent your life working with kids! You are so good with them, and you've done them such a service! We so enjoyed having you tonight! Those children sure settled down for your wonderful story.”- Lisa, Corvallis Elementary

“Thank you so much for coming and sharing your book with us. You came with a terrific message. I have heard from the teachers how much they enjoyed your presentation.”- Jackie Overton, Elementary Library Specialist