Teresa Funke

Teresa FunkeTeresa Funke is the author of the Home-Front Heroes series for middle-grade readers. This multi-cultural series includes Doing My Part, The No-No Boys, V for Victory, and Wave Me Good-bye. Each novel is based on a real person who actually lived the experiences depicted in her novels. In the back matter, young readers learn about the real person on whom the story is based and also fun facts about children's contributions to our country during World War II. The books are popular with both readers and educators because they are fast-paced, action-filled stories with strong characters and dramatic settings. Each book also touches on the key areas of World War II that lead to a broader understanding of our world and create great topics for classroom discussion: areas like the Holocaust, the Japanese interment, how children can "do their part," etc.

Teresa has been visiting schools since 2005 for elementary and middle school children and high school writing and history courses. She's fascinated by the challenges facing educators today and dedicated to assuring history education remains a focus for our children. It was the students themselves who asked Teresa to write about World War II for their age group. It's a time period that captures their imaginations and enfolds so many valuable lessons. Teresa combines elements of history, reading, writing, theater, art, and character development into her school visits and assembly. Her workshops are current with many standards, but also introduce new learning styles. She encourage students to realize that every child has a voice, a story, and the power to change the world.

Teresa has also published two books for adults, Remember Wake and Dancing in Combat Boots. Her short stories, articles, and essays have appeared in numerous magazines, newspapers and anthologies. Two of her essays were listed as Notable Essays by the prestigious Best American Essays series. Teresa is also a sought-after speaker, presenter, and writer's coach. She performs a one-woman show based on Dancing in Combat Boots and works with several non-profits to promote the arts, literacy, and history education.


"Teresa Funke is a dynamic speaker and compelling story teller. Our students were riveted to their seats and eager to read her books after hearing her speak. Her assembly made history come alive and she easily shifted topics as she noticed increased interest or curiosity in related themes. She helped our students to relate inquiry and research to fictional writing."
- Martha Petty, Media Specialist, Harris Biligual Immersion School

"Teresa spoke to our entire student body about the experiences of children and teenagers during the second world war and how they worked to support their communities, their families and their country during this difficult period. Her presentation was an engaging look at the lives of students in the past and how they rose to the challenges of their time. She helped our students to understand that although they are young, they each have a very powerful voice that can inspire, challenge and encourage others to do their best. They can also work in their family, their school and their community to make the lives of others better and to make a positive difference in their world."
- Will Allen, Principal, Zach Elementary School

"I can't thank you enough for the time and interest you showed to our students. As we reflect back on the two days you were with us, the fifth graders are buzzing, "Oh, I think this is a golden nugget" or "That's a silver nugget I can use in this story… I better hang on to that somewhere." They thoroughly embraced your writing advice on the nuggets and on everything else. Both fifth grade classrooms have a renewed sense of excitement about their creative stories."
- Robyn Franklin, Fifth Grade Teacher